Georgetown Neighborhood Homes

    Georgetown Neighborhood Homes is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) established by Wells United Methodist Church to improve our part of Jackson, Mississippi.
   Our goal is simple:
   To help transform the Georgetown neighborhood by redeeming existing houses and making them available to families who are working to achieve the dream of home ownership.
    While we heartily applaud the efforts of orgnizations which are building new houses for families who want a stake in this community, we believe that much of the charm of "neighborhood" can be enhanced by restoring and reviving structures that have fallen into disrepair.
    We take old houses and turn them into new homes.

     We started down the street...a house that had been vacant for more than a year.  The back of the house, was in rough shape...not built to code, and showing it.   
 /files/test image folder/gdalerearbef.jpgOur team went to work on the Glendale house, and the job is complete.   There are some noticeable changes.       


                                                                                 /files/test image folder/glendalerearaft.jpg


Are Y0U interested in home ownership in Georgetown?

    If the idea of owning a home in Georgetown appeals to you, AND IF you think you can meet a lender's qualifications, we are ready to work with you on making that dream come true.
    Here are some steps to start achieving the dream:
     1.  Contact us to begin the process.  Our address, phone number and email address are shown below.
     2.  We'll talk with you to see if it's likely that you can qualify for a mortgage loan in today's economy.
     3.  We'll show you some of the houses we've targeted and try to determine what it will take to renovate it to your tastes.
     4.  As you work to secure financing, we'll start to work on your house, so that it will soon be your home.

Contact us today.
    Georgetown Neighborhood Homes
    2019 Bailey Avenue
    Jackson, MS 39213