Wells Worship: Loving, Caring, Sharing 

     We are one branch of the "vine of Christ," one part of the true church of God. Our history, polity and faith posture are United Methodist. Our daily life includes many persuasions representing a diversity of Biblical and theological opinions. And, we happen to be all sizes, shapes, colors and kinds.  We have a rich heritage.

      "Inclusive" is our word. We affirm salvation as relationship to God, neighbor and self. We try to style our life accordingly. Some of us are in one place in terms of growth, some in another. Our aim is to honor the position of the other without sacrificing our own. We want to be warm, real and open. We laugh and cry together. Those who come here will note many styles of dress, as well as a number of different kinds of music and styles of worship. Because we mean to be the church in this place at this time, and because we want to include tradition and innovation in our life, we invite critique. And, some care enough to give it.

     We believe our positive life and basic unity is strong enough to listen and change when necessary. We know that reconciliation and forgiveness happen, because they happen to us and to those who come to share themselves with us. We believe a Christian church should stimulate its own to be good stewards of time, talents and money. We recruit in all these areas without pressure or complex programs.

     Giving is loving, we believe. We are a kind of experiment, a hope, a sharing and growing place. Some visit with us. Some move in. Some move on. 

     If you are looking for a place to "work the works of Him that sent us," move in. It would be good to God and for us; and, we hope, for you too.

     Please see our schedule and join us for worship at one or more of our services.