Our dear pastor, Keith Tonkel, died Wednesday morning at Baptist Hospital in Jackson. He was 81. Keith faithfully served Wells Church for more than 48 years, helping create a unique ministry of service and love to the Jackson inner city area on Bailey Avenue. “Loving, Caring, Sharing” is the motto of Wells Church, but it also describes this wonderful man of God, who so understood and sought to share with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength the love of God and the Good News of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. His loving spirit was contagious to all who knew and loved him.

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Keith Tonkel Memorial Services

You can watch a tribute video and the complete Keith Tonkel memorial services at The Methodist Hour. Click here to access the videos. 

Click to access the coming week's scripture readings from the Common Lectionary.

What's New at Wells

Lenten Reflections

A Lenten devotional guide published by members and friends of Wells Church offers daily readings/reflection written by WellsFolk. View Lenten Reflections 2017.

"90 for 90" Renovation Project to Honor Service of Tonkel Family

Wells has always preferred to invest in ministry rather than bricks and mortar. However, we do have building needs to serve ministry and there is a major need now.

The kitchen and fellowship hall area are in disrepair and in 
grave need of renovation and updating. Plans are being developed to reform the downstairs area of the church into a more functional area for serving the many ministries that occur there. The project will include a kitchen renovation to replace appliances and cabinetry as well as revamping the fellowship hall and downstairs bathroom area. For more details, click here.  To view the architectural drawing of the planned renovation, click here.

Wells has just celebrated its 90th year of ministry on Bailey Avenue in Jackson. The new Tonkel Family Ministry Center will help ensure the work at Wells continues effectively for the next 90 years. Fundraising began Jan. 1, 2017, and will be underway for 90 days. With your support, this “90 for 90” campaign will provide all funding needed for this important project.

The new area will be dedicated to our pastor, Keith Tonkel, his late wife, Pat, and family in thanks for more than four decades of service to this church and this community. 

Please consider a contribution to the Wells "90 for 90" fund for the Tonkel family ministry center.  To donate online, click here.

Register now for DayStars Performing Arts Day Camp.  

For more info and the registration from, click here.

Listen to Services

Click on the Wells YouTube Channel to listen to this past Sunday's worship services and more.  

March's WellSpring Published

The WellSpring newsletter is now available. Click here to download the pdf.  Email admin@wellschurch.org if you'd like to to have the printed version mailed to your residence.    

In 2016, we honored 90 years of history and looked toward the future of "the church that stayed" (see The Clarion-Ledger article here). For more info about the church's history and ministry of presence, see the June 2016 WellSpring.

Welcome to Wells

We're glad you're looking at us!  We'd love to have you come into our life and love, but that is your choice. We believe it is best to come and look and feel and share. Perhaps then you'll want to take steps toward commitment toward Christ and to us.

We need you and want you. And yet, we know that it is only when you are really ready to come in that it will mean the most to you and then to others.

Please come again.  If we're a source of God's blessing, we're glad about that.  If not, give us another chance...or come and help us do it better. 

We're here to offer God's love and blessing to those called to us, and to serve God in this exciting and challenging time.

-Keith Tonkel